Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sick days

Sick days are the best. Kind of. Usually only if you're the one who's sick- instead of the one taking care of the sick person. But I digress... yesterday, Quinn and I both took a sick day (even though she is the only one who's actually sick). We stayed in our jammies all day and never ONCE left the apartment. I loved it! At about 4:30 when Quinn woke up from her 3 hour afternoon nap (not exactly normal), we pulled all the pillows and blankets out into the living room, made a "nest," and enjoyed The Little Mermaid.

We both thoroughly enjoyed it, although I think Quinn was more excited about the previews for Lady and the Tramp, because she jumped up and stood against the TV stand and shouted "doggie, doggie!" everytime a dog came on.

And, of course, what's a sick day without those phone calls to daddy- explaining, in detail, all of your ailments. Once Tyson got on the phone, Quinn would not let him go. In fact, even after he had to hang up, she continued to talk and then every once in a while would hold the phone out to me, like "why isn't daddy responding? I think this thing's broken..."
So, all in all, Quinn and I had a very good 'sick day' and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.


  1. Becca Im glad you got a blog. What a precious little girl you have. I like sick days to when we get to stay home and get to just relax. I have a blog you should check it.

  2. oh that picture of her with the it!!!