Wednesday, May 12, 2010


aahhh, bedtime. When the garbage can comes down off the table for the first time since Quinn found it-which was around 8:30am, when I started to zone out in front of the news. The toys are put away and I start to feel like a human being again, instead of just 'momma.' And I just SIT for a few minutes letting that soak in. I am Rebecca Lynn Allen. I have thoughts- deeper than the last diaper change or the last time Quinn drank from her sippy cup. I have feelings-- other than TIRED. I am alive.
One man's (or girl's) bedtime, is another man's (or woman's) awakening.


  1. You little author you!! I really enjoy reading your blog, you are right next to Nie and cjane, don't you quit on me!

  2. wow- now that's a compliment! Thanks Bonnie!