Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, this weekend was the semi-annual Allen Family Salt Flats Motorcycle Ride (wow, what a mouthful). It was a lot of fun- complete with getting stuck (and eventually UNstuck), Quinn's first four-wheeler ride, and some delicious homemade oreos (thank you KATIE). Here is Quinn and daddy- I'm not sure who is more excited about her being on the four wheeler.... And here's my gorgeous girl doing what she does best.... ummm- looking gorgeous, of course!
After this picture was taken, we put Quinn in the back of the suburban behind the third seat, on top of a nice cozy blanket (windows were all rolled down- so there was plenty of ventilation) , and prayed that she would go to sleep. About five minutes later, when the screaming had stopped, we figured she had finally passed out. Tyson's mom opened the side door to put the camera back in the car and found Quinn happily playing with a ratchet set IN THE THIRD SEAT!!! She had somehow scaled the seat and then proceeded to get into everything that we had stashed in that seat, in order to keep away from her. Isn't it amazing how children instinctively know when the should be very quiet and just enjoy themselves??
After all the festivities and more food than any one person should ever eat in a five-hour period, we loaded up and headed home. Quinn enjoyed her first sampling of a REAL apple, instead of just applesauce:
And after an hour of washing bikes and the suburban and trailer, we all headed home and slept like babies.... including the baby. :)

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  1. She is such a cutie, that is so funny about the third seat thing I did not know she did that. Well just get prepared for her climbing on EVERYTHING.