Thursday, May 9, 2013

Guys... I'm a little stressed. (and this post is all over the place)

This is a safe place right? I could use one of those right now. A place where I can admit that sometimes I wish I could ducktape Quinn's mouth closed. Right? (I mean, my gosh.... she talks CONSTANTLY) And that Mommy really needs to watch her mouth. That's right. I said it. The other day, one of Quinn's barbies (the crazy-haired, ridiculously tanned, brunette one) turned to the other barbie and said, "What the hell are you doing?!" Ok, really?! I have only said this to her probably twice in her whole friggin' life! And now she's throwin' it around in B-town. Although she did make up for it later, when she tried to teach crazy tanned barbie how to pray (hopefully for forgiveness). And while I am on confessions, I left Mac's poopy butt on him for one whole hour yesterday before I changed it. Wow- that feels good to just get that out there. 

But can I just say-- that I am so glad that I have two crazy little munchkins? Because when mommy is being a poo-head, as Quinn likes to call it, they have each other. Always. I love that. And usually when I hear them start giggling at each other's snort noises in the other room, it has a magical tendency to boost my mood. Seriously. 
Brothers and sisters are the best. And on this day I would like to give a big thank you to my own mama for having 10 of us. Because there was never ever a dull moment, and because even when my "friends" were all being jerks-- I always had a real friend in my brothers and sisters.