Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby *kisses*

You know how when you kiss someone, you automatically exhale during the kiss so as not to breathe in their exhale? Maybe not. I will own it- I do this. Especially after Tyson's Dorito-burp ---- MID-kiss. Yeah. It was UNforgettable.

BUT, you know how whenever you kiss a baby, it is exactly the opposite? At least for me. I breathe IN-- I wallow in the perfect purity of the baby smell. And then, I cannot help it-- I sigh. Everytime. And then I go back for another.
In other news, Quinn came up to Tyson tonight-- cocked her head to one side and said, "You are such a cutie, daddy." And then she giggled. I'm pretty sure his heart melted. I know mine did. I felt a little left out until she walked up to me and said, "Rebecca, you are smaaaaaaart." Ha ha-- thanks Quinn...... I think I'd rather be suchacutie!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference attire

We go pretty casual around here for General Conference, but this year-- Quinn took casual to a whole new level. We're talking underwear and socks-- and please don't forget the socks! (that would be emberassing!)

And this is my two cuties-- I put Mac down for some tummy time, and so-- of course-- Quinn needed tummy time too! She loves her baby brother so much! When she wakes up before him in the morning, she stands outside my bedroom door (where he is sleeping) and keeps asking "Mac is sleeping?" AND while I work out in the morning, it turns out I do have a personal nanny-- she is willing and ready to put his binky back in countless times and tickle and talk to him the whole time (well, in between doing some dance moooves! and getting "smarshmallows." Which brings us to our next little piece of news.....
Quinn just got through her first day of potty training with NO ACCIDENTS!!! YAY Quinn!!!