Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby *kisses*

You know how when you kiss someone, you automatically exhale during the kiss so as not to breathe in their exhale? Maybe not. I will own it- I do this. Especially after Tyson's Dorito-burp ---- MID-kiss. Yeah. It was UNforgettable.

BUT, you know how whenever you kiss a baby, it is exactly the opposite? At least for me. I breathe IN-- I wallow in the perfect purity of the baby smell. And then, I cannot help it-- I sigh. Everytime. And then I go back for another.
In other news, Quinn came up to Tyson tonight-- cocked her head to one side and said, "You are such a cutie, daddy." And then she giggled. I'm pretty sure his heart melted. I know mine did. I felt a little left out until she walked up to me and said, "Rebecca, you are smaaaaaaart." Ha ha-- thanks Quinn...... I think I'd rather be suchacutie!

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