Monday, November 7, 2011


My sweet baby boy is asleep on my shoulder-- snoring ever so softly. My apartment is a complete disaster. And we are all basking in the glow of a fun-filled weekend. Quinn has asked me about ten times, where Addie is, and then, "Mom, WHY did she go home??" Ahhh, the joy of cousin love...

So I thought I would take this moment to tell you about a funny potty-training experience. We were in the store- just browsing when Quinn suddenly hunkered down and started making the "poop face," then she turned to Tyson and I and said, "I gotta poop!" So I left Tyson with Mac, and Quinn and I made a mad dash for the bathrooms. Quinn, in her haste to get there on time, ran right in front of a man walking across an isle. But, being the polite girl she is, she yelled, "SORRY! I gotta go POOP!" Never even skipping a beat, she kept right on running. I caught a glimpse of the man's face and laughed all the way to the bathrooms. Once inside the bathrooms, she instantly sat on the toilet and did her business. In the midst of praising her, I heard someone snickering in the next stall over. Just then, Quinn get's off the toilet, looks inside, and says, "Wow mom, that's a HUGE one!" And I just thought well, lady-in-the-next-stall, if you thought my poop-praise was funny- I'm sure you're about to split a gut. AND she did....

Bless you Quinn, bless you- for bringing entertainment to the WalMart bathroom.