Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Farm stories

This is what happens when I give Quinn free reign on what to wear for the day..... a purple and white striped dress over her pajamas + the ruby slippers from her dorothy costume (you'll notice she even did her own hair-- see the barrette (sp?) up front?).

And this is what she looks like when I choose and do for her......  (She actually loved it-- her face just isn't showing it in this picture.)
And HERE is the super sweetest little boy ever! Just look at that smile.....
Mac is just the happiest little boy-- he makes it so easy to be a Momma!

PS- Tyson wanted to be in on the blogging-- so I let him pick the title....


  1. I LOVE the picture that Quinn dressed herself in! You can tell she is really proud of her outfit and feels beautiful. Hands on her hips...also, a nice touch.

    Mac is darling!

  2. Yeah I'm working on Kaitlynn understanding the concept of matching. I can see it will be a while. Your little guy is getting so big and adorable!