Monday, December 5, 2011

balloons and WHAP!'s

There was a talk given in the last conference, by Carl B. Cook, entitled, "It Is Better To Look Up." Our RS lesson yesterday was on this talk, and near the end of the lesson, we all received a balloon to take outside and let go, in similitude of letting go of our burdens. I was given a balloon, but because I was holding a sleeping baby, and had neglected to bring a blanket (my mother would be horrified!), I gave my balloon to someone else and asked them to let it go for me. I stayed just inside the doors and watched everyone through the glass "let go of their burdens." It was an interesting perspective. It was a very cold day AND the wind was blowing. So everyone had a different experience as they "let go." So like the real experience of letting go of our burdens. Some let go and watched happily as their balloon floated lazily away. Some let go, and watched their balloon fall to the ground at their feet (apparently the cold messes with the helium). And some, let go, only to have their balloon come back and WHAP! them in the face a few times, before floating up, up and away.

Sometimes I feel like that last one is me. I'm trying, trying, trying to let go of some of my burdens-- but sometimes they just have to come back and WHAP! me in the face before they can float merrily on their way. BUT at least they do eventually float along.

PS- On fast sunday, do you consciously search for the biggest piece of bread on the sacrament tray, and then grab the next smallest one because you don't want to feel like a pig? just a question. I mean, I definitely don't.

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  1. For some reason I think this balloon whapping in the face thing was written just for me... I hope you remember what I am refering to... :)