Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today was the fateful day-- the day Mac got his very first immunizations....

Since Quinn had missed her two-year appointment, I thought I would just schedule both their appointments at the same time and make life easier, right? Wrong. I didn't think of how I was going to handle TWO screaming children.

When I realized my mistake, I panicked. But then, it turned out Quinn's flu shot was a simple nose spray, and I began to breathe again. She took it just fine and even smiled afterward as they handed her her Dora sticker. And I smiled, thinking how lucky I was. Then it was Mac's turn. I put him up on the train table (this doctor's office has themed rooms, like 20 of them- today we were in the train room-- super cool), and turned to smile at Quinn. She frowned at me-- a deep, deep frown. Uh-Oh. I didn't factor in her big-sister protectiveness. That frown progressed rapidly into frantic screaming, as they poked Mac and placed the band-aids on his legs. And now- my worst nightmares were being realized. Both kids were screaming at the top of their lungs as the nurse handed me Mac, and gave me a very sympathetic (but not ENOUGH) look. The next 10 minutes are kind of a blur in my memory, but I remember I did make Quinn walk out of the doctor's office-- I simply couldn't carry them both AND open the four doors it takes to get to the parking lot. I cursed her sympathy pains all the way home, while she continued to wail, even though Mac had calmed down and gone to sleep. But in all reality, can you blaim her?? I wish I could've done the same thing........ Why does the mommy have to be the strong one?


  1. Shots are the worst. They never get any easier. It is pretty cute though that his sister is protective.

  2. I remember taking Ryan in for his immunizations. Gerald was 5 and he'd just gone through his last round before kindergarten so the horror was still fresh in his mind. Ryan didn't scream at all. I don't think he even noticed when the nurse poked him. Gerald, however, was literally climbing the wall next to the door. The look of terror on his face said everything his brother should have been feeling! Haaaaa, I still laugh when I think of that day. Poor Gerald, shots haven't gotten any easier for him over the years.