Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cheerios and peek-a-boo

As stated in our intro post, Quinn loves Cheerios. It is one of the rare things that can be counted on to put a smile on her little face (probably second only to Daddy and bathtime). Usually, no matter the amount that I take out of the Cheerio container, she will immediately stuff every single one into her mouth as if she's afraid I might try to take some if she's too slow. So today, I did a little experiment to see how far she would go with this... I set the open container right in front of her on the couch. Her face lit up like Christmas morning and then the frenzy began... She was grabbing fistfuls and shoving them in her mouth, UNTIL she realized she could dump the bowl over and get them out much faster that way. In the picture above, her mouth is completely full of cheerios, as are both fists and she's trying to use her fists to turn the bowl over more in order to get MORE out.
There are never enough cheerios!.... maybe she knows something I don't.

Her other favorite thing is playing peekaboo while eating the most disgustingly sticky foods. Yesterday it was bananas, today it was oatmeal. Turns out they both make GREAT hair gel. But she is having so much fun, I don't have the heart to clean off her little hands until the game is over. It is all worth the heart-stopping smiles I get everytime she pulls her hands away....

when was the last time I found that much joy in something so simple?

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