Thursday, May 6, 2010

BT&Q Allen

We are the Allens- Becca, Tyson, and Quinn. We are a crazy motorcycling, camping, reading, and movie-loving family. Okay, okay- it's just me and Quinn that love to read. (okay, Quinn just likes to be read TO). I think that Tyson would rather eat a pinecone than sit down and read a book when his motorcycle is sitting in the driveway.
Tyson is currently removing and pruning and planting trees for work (and for fun). And still "forgets" to clean out his pockets when he get's home from work- resulting in a washer full of pine needles and cones, balls of sap and other general debris. BUT he loves his job and I love him- so we put up with the tree paraphenilia. He is also slowly working his way through a business degree at BYU-Idaho and hopes to eventually start his own tree service.
Quinn is a fireball coming right at you- kind of one of those meteors that they make movies about (end of the world and all that). Her newest project is learning how to walk and will sometimes surprise us by taking a few steps on her own. She LOVES cheerios and cell phones- yes she's already hooked. The quickest way to her heart is to show her a lit-up screen and some texting keys. AND if the phone plays music..... she'll love you forever. (Or, at least until you pull the phone away and realize she's called 3 of your relatives and hung up on all of them, without so much as a 'hello.') Speaking of which, her favorite words are 'hi,' and 'daddy.' 'Mommy' only makes an entrance if she's tired or hungry.
And I am Becca- a full time mommy and bookworm extraordinaire. My favorite time of day is when Tyson get's home from work and we get to spend time as a family. I love baking (NOT to be confused with cooking), and a clean kitchen- which too often do not coincide. But most of all, I LOVE my little family!

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