Friday, May 7, 2010

midnight musings

So, for the last three nights I have been dreaming of my sister's pulled pork (which is absolutely amazing). But every time I go to make it, I remember that I never pulled the pork roasts out of the freezer, and therefore cannot make it. So I have taken to mentally reminding myself 4-5 times a day to take it out of the freezer before I go to bed. It has never worked.... until last night. I was laying in bed completely asleep just a little before midnight, when I woke up completely alert and ready to accomplish my mission-- take the pork roast out of the freezer.
Waking up the next morning, I began to wonder if that had been a dream and I was going to be disappointed once again in my pork obsession. But, miracle of miracles, the thawed pork roast was lying on my stove when I walked into the kitchen. Do you ever have that happen to you, where you are completely out of it, but your mind takes over and knows that you absolutely have to accomplish this one thing. This has happened to me multiple times (ie. waking up and washing bottles at 3 in the morning, taking a bath at 4 in the morning because I remembered that I'm not going to have time when I wake up). Yes, it all sounds a little crazy.... unless you've been there. Anyways, my pork roast is now safely in my beautiful crockpot...
and I am looking forward to some delicious pulled pork for dinner all because my brain took over at a quarter to midnight. Thank you brain!

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  1. too funny Becca!!! I am going to enjoy reading this a lot. Do you want to know something really, really weird?? I was singing Party in the USA in my head when I was getting on your blog and then what comes on??? Party in the USA by Miley, a little too weird, it's like we're sisters or something.