Monday, May 10, 2010

just like daddy... almost

Quinn was one happy camper when she stole daddy's shirt while he was getting dressed for the day. And then she shot straight to cloud nine when daddy put the shirt ON her! She came out with this "I'm SOOO cute!" smile on her face and then preceeded to grab the shirt and tell me "look!" every few seconds. This is her posing.... and this was one of the many times that she was telling me to "look!," making sure I knew she was wearing daddy's shirt...
and this is one of those awesomely fun times when she was teasing US, instead of the other way around. She was flaunting her shirt-wearing in front of daddy, and flashing a "I have your shirt, na na na na na na" kind of smile.

This girl is too cute for words! So this was our Sunday morning, and then naptime came and went with only an hour's worth of sleep before church, so we knew we were going to be in for the long haul during those three hours of church. AND we both had to teach yesterday (Tyson- Sunday school, and me- relief society). We were able to switch off, but taking her home and putting her to bed was not an option. So Tyson had a VERY interesting time in Priesthood.
Because she was so fussy, he put her down to play and, like all dads, returned to listening to the lesson. His reveries were interrupted a short 10 minutes later, when shrill screams began errupting from beneath his chair. Being the good dad he is, he (thinking she was just stuck) reached under his chair, grabbed her legs, and began to pull her out. BUT she wasn't budging, and the screams were only getting louder. By this time EVERYONE was staring at them, and a guy behind them reached down and pulled the cheerios container out from under her head. She had somehow wedged her head between the cheerios container and the top of the chair and was completely STUCK- Tyson's efforts to retrieve her, only worsening the problem. But once the cheerios were removed, Tyson was able to pull her out and according to Tyson,
she was a perfect angel the entire rest of the meeting, just sitting docilely in his lap until the prayer was said and they got up to come find me. aaahhhh, the joys of parenting...... and aaahhh the joy of "it happened to daddy and not mommy!"

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