Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WoW- what the hay?

This last little while has been a tornado. A good tornado. Is that possible? Meh...

We spent three weeks living in one room in my sister's basement. Those were dark days for me. (Literally-- I mean it is a basement.) We had so many ups and downs, as we waited for "our" house to actually be our's, but the day did finally come. Although we love Bonnie and Shawn, and had a lot of good times while we were there, it was so nice to finally get into our own house. Quinn hated it for the first couple weeks. There was only Momma and Macadoo to play with and mom was usually unpacking and trying to get things organized. She was constantly asking when we were going to go back to "our old house," meaning-- Bonnie and Shawn's house. But eventually (just last week), she came up to me and said, "I love our new house, mom." Me too honey, me too.

Our weekends have been filled with unpacking and organizing and power-raking our lawn. Let me tell you- that is a workout. We are beginning to feel like that one room in B&S's house was heaven. All the heavy labor and decisions were someone else's responsibility. Sometimes I long for those days. But most of the time, we are so so so happy. Easter weekend, we also had a new arrival to our home. Not the delicious-smelling kind that come with lots of snuggles and cuddles.... a much different kind. This kind, to be exact....
Yep, the Emily kind. She is going to be staying with us all summer, which means that Tyson and I get weekly date nights-- part of the bargain. Although, I have to say I am way more excited about those date nights than Tyson seems to be. Saturday was supposed to be one of those such nights, and when I asked Tyson what he wanted to do, He just said, "Oh. I am tired. So so so tired." And the remainder of the night was spent on the couch watching Eli Stone. Oh well, C'est la vie.

As for news on our children, Mac started out the weekend with a double ear infection, and we are praying that the buck stops there and one ear infection doesn't turn into 6 in the next 6 months like it did with Quinn. But he is now on antibiotics and doing much better. Quinn has had 5 bouts of tonsilitis in the last year and is therefore scheduled to get her tonsils out next wednesday. I am downright, not-afraid-to-admit-it, SCARED. I am worried about how she will do with this surgery and how I will do with taking care of her needs AND Macadoo. We are just praying that all will work out. 

So that is that. If you are not feeling thoroughly updated, there is something wrong with you. Becca out.

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