Monday, April 30, 2012

A return to food...

For the first time in 5 days, Quinn asked for food and then ATE it! It may or may not have been marshmallow mateys...

On Wednesday last week, Quinn went to the hospital and got her tonsils and adenoids taken out. When she woke up, I was next to her bed, and then finally in the bed holding her. When she first opened her eyes, all I saw was "crazy eyes." Anyone who has been with a child while they are coming out of anesthesia, knows what I'm talking about. They are not themselves yet. In fact, according to the OR nurses, they don't even know they're awake yet. It is not an experience I enjoy. In fact it scares me. A LOT. I had to keep talking myself out of running from the room. Sad, I know. But once they got some more pain meds into her, she calmed down and fell asleep snuggled on my lap. It was worth it to stick it out. As she lay there sleeping in my arms, I thanked Heavenly Father that I was able to be there for her-- Just grateful that this little one was sent to my care, and that I was her momma.

The next few days were rather hellish. Seriously. She learned on the first dose of pain meds that they burned BADLY on the way down. Which began a 24 hour fight, including one trip to the ER and an extra shot of morphine-- which I should mention, she hated worse than the oral pain meds. Which is eventually what helped end the fight. We finally got her to take them-- but only on HER terms. This girl is stubborn. SO so so Stubborn. (Takes after her daddy.) First, the medicine had to be dyed perfectly pink (why do they manufacture pain meds for kids that are a sickly yellowish green?? I mean really, who thought of that one?), and we were only allowed to do a quarter teaspoon at a time. AND she had to be the one to actually shoot it in her mouth, WHILE momma held her. IT was (and still is) quite the ordeal, but at least she decided that taking it was a better option that not (thank you morphine shot!). I spent that first 48 hours holding her and trying to make her feel okay about life. Enter Emilee. Without her, I would not have made it through those days. She took care of Mac. 'nough said. That girl was a lifesaver, for me, and especially for MAC. Thank you EMMY!

But Quinn eventually turned around and started drinking more than a couple ounces in 24 hours and Tyson and I's worry was able to let up-- just a bit.

I think that this experience has forever changed how Quinn views doctors, though. She has a very deep distrust of them now. It will be interesting to see how the follow-up visit goes. I am expecting lots of tears......

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  1. Oh poor quinn, I forgot to ask how that went. So popsicels didn't work? I pry things continue to get better. Send her our love.