Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Proud mama moment

Can I take a minute and just be an incredibly proud mama? Thanks.

Quinn, that ever-feiry girl, memorized the first Article of Faith. She loved doing this. We just recited it before her bedtime prayers every night for about a month and now, she is finally to where she will say it all by herself (which she loves to do!). You can watch a video of it by clicking here

So, because of this, she was allowed to go to the store and pick out a small toy. She chose Cinderella and Prince Charming (anybody else find it odd that Cinderelly's man doesn't have an actual name?), and has not let them out of her sight yet. (okay, except for when "man" broke in half because Quinn wanted him to sit with his "grill" and it turns out he doesn't bend that way. Man, that girl can be forceful sometimes...but he was back in her loving care after a little bit of R&R and a whole lot of super glue.)
I love this girl!

PS- Quinn refers to "girls" as "grills," could be a tad confusing come barbecue season....

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