Friday, August 6, 2010

Helpin' daddy

Monday night- our fhe lesson was on the blessings of hard work (okay, okay- this is only in retrospect. In reality we forgot it was Monday night, and just really wanted to get our new computer chair up and running.). So Quinn helped dad put together our new computer chair and she even ratcheted on a few of the bolts. Atta girl!

And now.... the blessings of hard work..... (along with a cute little pose, to show how much she is enjoying this blessing)

Tyson pushed her around in this chair for probably 30 minutes, and she just giggled until she could giggle no more. And then she fell out of the chair and cried for 10 minutes- at which point we decided it was probably bedtime.

Ahhhh... those happy endings do it for me every time! :)

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