Friday, August 27, 2010


This picture.... oh my.

Let's just say, this picture is a metaphor for our marriage. First of all- the dress looks like it fits, right? WRONG. It zipped up about halfway up my back and then Tyson held the top part together so it wouldn't look too awful for the pic. This is a lot like our marriage-
Tyson holding me together during the not-so-perfect times.

We've been through a LOT in our four short years together. And it seems like everything has always been timed in such a way, that when one of us hit rock bottom, the other was remarkably holding together fine and was able to pick the other one up and hold EVERYTHING together until things were okay again.

When our sweet little Zoe came and went so quickly, I think we were both a little dumbfounded at first, but by clinging to eachother (and the Lord), we made it through. The months following this time, were filled with uncertainty and much tribulation-- Tyson was my rock during this time. He was always there with encouragement and endless amounts of LOVE. He made it worth it.

And when we found out, just six months later, that I was pregnant again, Tyson took all my freak-out sessions in stride. He put up with the endless "what if's" coming from my overly-stressed brain, and put them all in perspective.

Just 8 3/4 months later-- when we welcomed our beautiful Quinn into the world, he was there to celebrate with me. (And take care of her endless tears that first night, while I was completely unconscious.)

Tyson is the love of my life-- MY WHOLE LIFE. I thank my Heavenly Father that he gave me the patience to wait for such an amazing man to enter my life.

PS- see the bump that just looks like my train, to the left of me? Quinn's under there :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! You look amazing in your wedding dress, even if you can only zip it up halfway! ;)

  2. Oh becca, i love it!!! Yeah for both of you!!!