Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And counting.....

It was brought to my attention that the only picture I have posted of myself in, well....  a long time, was my doctored "fat" pic that was included in my last post. So, in the interest of disillusioning all of you who now believe me to be 300 pounds, this is what I meant by "whale."

Also, this last week has not been without it's share of surprises- Quinn has been really sick and not wanting to do anything other than watch movies all day. Which, quite honestly was just fine with me, because I am past the point of wanting to even move. But today when I took her into the doctor, we found out she has tonsillitis and a pretty gross ear infection. So, she is now on an oral antibiotic AND ear drops. Hopefully we can get her better before baby brother makes his entrance! Which, by the way--- 5 Days!!!

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  1. You are so cute preggo. Boys are so much fun. Gavin was so low maintenance and easy going. Good luck. I cannot wait to see pictures of the little guy.