Monday, June 13, 2011

Sorry for the delay.....

Okay- not that you've missed me or anything, but we are finally back online! Quinn and i spent a couple weeks in Wyoming at the end of May. We had lots of fun- especially Quinn. She enjoyed the BIG back yard and unrestrained free time with Oat (my brother's dog). Oh, how she terrorized that dog. The last couple of days we were there, Oat would run and hide whenever he saw her coming. It wasn't that she was mean (okay- there was that one time that she was experimenting on how it would feel to give Oat a "back massage" with a bat, but other than that...), but the main problem was that she was so dang attentive. She was constantly feeding him (whatever she happened to be eating at the time), and petting him, and trying to lay next to him and just generally being in his space. I got the feeling that Oat is a "personal space" kind of dog. Too bad for him, he was the only entertainment available......

 .....except for that one morning when we went to Jamie's house and she got to play with her dog- that was when she fed it an ENTIRE bag of treats, thereby giving Jamie a REALLY nasty mess to deal with the next day. Well, messES, I guess I should say.... but anywho....

Here is what Grandpa and Quinn do best.......

And here is my first surprise from Tyson when I got back. (okay, honey- you only made me promise not to post this on facebook, you didn't say anything about the blog.....) TA-DA! He cut his own hair! AND he actually did a really good job, it's that that dang neckline is REALLY hard to do on your own, when you can't actually see what you're doing. The worst part is that he did this the night before and went to work all that day, before I got home and fixed it. He said, "check it out- I cut my own hair. But Jo-Jo did mention that it wasn't very straight in the back....." And then this was what I found. Don't worry- Quinn and I only referred to him as Vanilla Ice, INTERMITTENTLY.

And speaking of hair.... Quinn's hair is finally long enough to DO stuff!! Yay! Although she still yanks it out after a couple of hours, and it NEVER makes it through naptime. Oh well, we keep on trying.

So, thanks all for checking back- and there will be more to come-- as long as my husband doesn't kill me for posting that pic.....  :)


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha that is so funny about Ty's hair, I am going to have to tease him about that one. I love Quinn's hair it is really cute. Last note we are really excited to see you guys this weekend.

  2. i love BOTH of the hair pics!

  3. I want t see prego pics of your cute self sine I can't see you in person. Quinns hair is so cute! We love you guys.