Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Weekend that I was a REALLY terrible mother

My sister, Bonnie, called me last week and after I said hello, I heard a very breathless, "Guess what?!" From the tone of her voice, I wasn't really sure if this was going to good or bad news-- but I was sure it was something big (like B I G). And it was.

But, it was definitely good news! Bonnie won two tickets to go see Our Best Bites co-founders, Kate and Sara, do a live cooking demo, and attend a book signing afterwards. AND--now I'm not sure if this was out of love or some amount of loyalty, since I introduced her to this blog, but-- that second ticket was for me!!

We had SO so so so so SOOOOO much fun-- Way more fun than two mothers (with NO kids!) and a teenage college girl should be able to have together in SLC (little sister Emily tagged along as well- even though she was never officially invited! haha- j/k em). First we hit up temple square- what's temple square without a few "mermaid" poses in front of the most awesome fountain ever?

Oh yes, we had way too much fun. In this next picture- I know for a fact that Bonnie wasn't in pain, even though the picture says the opposite....

And, yes, at the cooking show- we were the crazies snapping pictures in the front row. Don't worry- they didn't kick us out for that- but they did get a little perturbed when I went to cross my legs and kicked the massive light, thereby smashing it into the large tv screen hanging from the ceiling for the rest of the show. Oh yeah- I really did that.

Thank you Bonnie! I had so much funn! (that's right- fun spelled with two N's. It was that good.)

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  1. Don't Sara and Kate look tired in that picture? We must have worn them out! Now we can actually call them Sara and Kate since we are all BFFs now. Oh please, bless me with it! HA HA