Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yellow Duck-tape & Sloppy Joe(')s

Quinn has figured out how to unsnap her onesie. Why is this such a problem you ask?

Because it was the ONLY barrier between her and getting her diaper off. Now do you understand??? To clarify- it was the only thing coming between me and poop all over the floor and her crib, or waking up to Quinn in a puddle of pee while her diaper sits useless on her bedroom floor. NOW do you understand??

So- the solution??


Yellow duck-tape. And she screamed and cried the first time we put it on, but now she refers to it as her "belt." Pretty handy, if you ask me. (Thank you Aunt Bonnie for the idea!)

Other than our diaper woes, I have been incredibley sick. Morning sickness is NOT limited to mornings, or afternoons, or really ANY certain time of day. I hate it. I really really hate it. But I try to remember that this is all in the name of something (or someone?) really wonderful.

So, why sloppy joes?, you may wonder. Because last night I got the brilliant idea to make them and they were the first thing in over 3 weeks that both sounded and tasted divine (other than Little Caesar's pizza). And after I ate my fill (3, it was 3 alright- I AM eating for two now ya know) I felt amazing- better than I have felt in a long time. I wish there was some way to convey to you the amazingness of that experience, but sadly- you will just have to take my word for it.

AND our apartment can now officially be referred to as Sloppy Joe's- since being sick, the dishes sit in the sink for at least a week, the toilet hasn't been cleaned in two and a half weeks (this is huge- I HATE having a dirty toilet), and our bed NEVER get's made anymore (why make it when I'm just going to fall back into it, the minute Quinn goes down for a nap?). Poor Tyson. We had to have "the talk" about lowering your standards.
I'm sorry hon- but the apartment is not going to be picked up and dinner simmering on the stove when you walk through the door every night. I know you've gotten used to that (yeah right!), but.... you've really got to lower your standards now, or I'm going to go crazy.

I think it went well. He only pulled out a few fistfuls of hair and then we moved on. So if you're looking for a dirty old time- stop by Sloppy Joe's (just remember to check your standards at the door!).


  1. Well I have not cleaned my pots yet from yesterday so I think I will join your club. Thank goodness that are hubbies understand that being a mom takes a lot out of a mom and that if they want it cleaned they might just have to do it themselves sometimes..

  2. They used to have to duct tape my diapers on too when I was little. Me and Quinn can be friends. :) I totally understand the sloppy joe thing. I had the same experience when I was pregnant. My drug of choose however, was Miracle Whip. Weird, I know.

  3. Ha ha, Love the yellow belt. Don't worry, I had REALLY low standards when I was pregnant--pretty much "don't expect anything from me"; I had never been so exhausted in my life! Morning sickness does suck, I'm glad you were able to eat something that tasted wonderful. The whole first trimester for me was soft pretzels and laughing cow cheese :)

  4. becca! congratulations on being pregnant! and, by the way, your blog always makes me smile. i LOVE it. you know you could make mega bucks writing, right? you are amazing. i love you!

  5. Well, Becca the duck tape is an excellent idea! And it is totally worth it to not have to wake up to a mess. I put feeted pajamas on backwards so they couldn't get the zipper down. But the only downside to that is you need to cut the feet out of them. I have not laughed so hard in a long time as I did when I read your sloppy joe story. I remember doing that with corn dogs when I was pregnant with Kaden, then wih cucumber/carrot sticks dipped in ranch when I was pregnant with Gage. If Tyson needs someone to complain and get support from he just needs to talk to Sam. I felt like a slug when I was puking all day everyday. You are totally fine and don't feel bad, Tyson and Quinn will survive!!