Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a bird, It's a plane... no- IT'S TIME!

I dropped my baby off at nursery for the first time yesterday.
I set her down.
She ran off,
started playing,
..... and never once looked back.

I peeked in halfway through the two hours, and she was happily sitting down eating her whales, and drinking out of a cup!

And then.....
it hit me.

My baby is no longer a BABY.

I was filled with complete wonder at the growing process. One day Quinn was nothing more than a nudger in my tummy, the next she's this demanding little ball who does nothing but eat and sleep. And now..... this. I'm not sure I can handle this- my brain needs time to catch up.

And then I realized I was not alone- and as I looked at the other mothers gathered around the little one-way window, with tears in my eyes-- They looked back at me with complete understanding. Like they already knew what I was just beginning to grasp. Oh, why didn't someone tell me?

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