Monday, June 14, 2010

Baptisms, candles, cakes, and baby!

Oh, what a day! Last Saturday was Maggie's baptism (quite the party). Maggie is the one in the right corner of the picture in the pink shirt with white butterflies. After the baptism we had a wild buffet-laiden party in the cultural hall, complete with pulled pork and fruit pizza (YUM!). Afterwards, we came back to the house and celebrated my mom's birthday- complete with the traditional ginormous candle-in-the-cake....
Growing up, we periodically found ourselves without birthday candles on at least a few of the 12 birthdays that needed to be celebrated, so we usually improvised with one gigantic candle from our thanksgiving set! Hey- when you come from a big family, you do what ya can. :)
And this is Grace and Quinn- we're looking forward to a lot of good babysitting hours from this girl....
... paybacks are wonderful!
And this is my sweet babe in her favorite 'corner' of the living room. It is complete with her books, 2 large stuffed bears, and 1 large stuffed monkey. We call it Quinn's little piece of heaven:

The water bombs she's holding were actually stolen from Grandma Allen's house- she always seems to snag one or two toys when we go there....
And this is my bestie- Tiffanie and her boys-- Jordan and Tristan. For her birthday, we made the most delicious cake ever (containing 1 devils food cake mix, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and oodles of heath bits).

I know all you moms will understand when I say, I hate that my bestie has a job now! But I am adjusting, and will hopefully get over it. Maybe I need to make some new friends (says the most shy, introverted person I know)... :)

And last, but definitely not least....



  1. That is so funny, Addie just stole the water ball this last time also. I guess grandma has lots of fun toys that are just to tempting to borrow for a while.

  2. so i didn't see this comment link so i put my comment under the home again or whatever page. sorry. :)